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Every day, we investigate, campaign and lobby to protect not just Malaysia; but the planet as a whole. We hold governments and corporations accountable through peaceful, direct action – and we do it all thanks to your donations. We’ll fight the good fight, but we need your support.

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The oceans, forests, freshwater and climate aren’t just vital to wildlife – they’re also vital for every Malaysian’s wellbeing. They’re the very life support systems of our planet. We need them, and they need us to act.

Wins for the people of Malaysia – and the planet.


Shutting down of illegal waste recycling factories.

We investigated the imported plastic waste trade and published our findings in “The Recycling Myth: Malaysia and the Broken Global Recycling System” report. This prompted the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC) to raid and shut down illegal waste recycling factories.


CIMB stops financing coal activities.

We campaigned to highlight the role of coal in driving the climate crisis, and called for the banking sector to live up to sustainability promises. CIMB Malaysia announced plans to stop funding new coal mines and coal-fired power stations by 2021, and committed to phase out coal by 2040.


Maybank commits to net-zero emissions.

Following our 2020 campaign for the banking sector to live up to sustainability promises, Maybank in 2021 announced plans to stop financing new coal activities. The Malaysian bank further committed to be carbon-neutral by 2030, and to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

We’re a small part of a larger movement.

Greenpeace Malaysia is a small part of a larger movement. We march alongside a global collective of passionate people who work together to hold governments and corporations accountable. We’re people-powered. We’re for the planet. We’re Greenpeace – and we need you.