Donate to protect our planet together



Donate to protect our planet together


Together, we can fight against climate crisis around the world. We can protect endangered species, save ancient forests, keep the climate stable for future generations, and demand climate justice for vulnerable populations. Your donation can help us create a more just and green world for all.

Your donation will help Greenpeace Malaysia

Fuel Activism

Supporting peaceful protests and direct actions, such as our clean air, energy, and plastics campaigns, against environmental degradation activities

Uncover Threats

Empowering us to harness our scientific expertise to delve deep into environmental threats by conducting detailed research and investigation

Mobilise Communities

Conducting educational programmes and training , empowering our supporters to become environmental stewards.

Drive Systemic Change

Strengthening our efforts to hold corporations and the government accountable for their environmental impact, promoting transparency and responsibility.

Our fundraising promise

To protect our independence we don’t take money from companies or governments. We depend on individuals like you to make the work we do possible.

Transparency is key to us

We prioritise our supporter contribution through efficient cost management and results optimisation, treating each donation with utmost responsibility. Our fundraising costs are transparently disclosed in every Greenpeace office's annual accounts.

FAQs about donation

Got any questions when you are considering to make a donation to Greenpeace Malaysia? Find the answers in our FAQ page or reach us at

Other ways to support

If we work together, we can take on Malaysia’s worst polluters and solve climate issues. Here are some other practical things you can do to help protect the environment.

End the age of haze season

Tell the Malaysian government to hold domestic and aboard businesses accountable for haze pollution

Fix the plastic waste crisis

Tell the Malaysian government and global leaders to secure a strong Global Plastic Treaty

Become a volunteer

Apply to be a Greenpeace Malaysia volunteer to connect and take action online or in person