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Our victories against the haze.


HSBC stops funding companies that destroy Indonesian rainforests.

We investigated and found that HSBC was linked to companies destroying Indonesia’s rainforests. Hundreds of thousands of people joined our campaign in demanding HSBC to stop funding these destructive companies. In response, HSBC introduced the ‘No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation’ policy, which refuses finance for companies that clear forests and peatlands, and cut all ties with these destructive companies.


IOI Group eliminates deforestation and exploitation from supply chain.

To protest deforestation and exploitation of rainforests and peatlands by IOI Group, Greenpeace supporters blockaded IOI’s palm oil refinery in Rotterdam – bringing their operations to a halt. Then, we submitted a global petition signed by 300,000 people to IOI group. In response, IOI began proactively monitoring their supply chain to ensure that no suppliers were destroying rainforests or peatlands.

We’re a part of a larger movement.

Greenpeace Malaysia is a part of a larger movement. We march alongside a global collective of passionate people who work together to hold governments and corporations accountable. We’re people-powered. We’re for the planet. We’re Greenpeace – and we need you.